TRAMPHAÜS — Fashion Brand

Dedicated sportswear brand based in London.

TRAMPHAÜS is an urban fashion brand based in East London. Their initial need was regarding social media and brand identity which led to us developing various logo identities for various collections and launches. We consulted with them regarding their website and have since built their original and updated site with a focus on usability and e-commerce sales. They have also worked with our video production team to create unique and aesthetically focused video content.

From the beginning the TRAMPHAÜS team have been passionate about image and video production and making sure that all their social media remained consistent over all platforms.

Our conversations have been focused on the trajectory of the brand, how they themselves see and feel about their brand and the ideal perception they want their consumers to have and focus on the attention of their target demographic.

Date: 2020-12-31
Services: Ecommerce Website, Branding, Social Media Management

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