The Factory

The Factory



The Factory was an immersive performance pushing the boundaries and addressing the audience in an extremely unconventional sense for Dance Umbrella: London’s annual international festival of 21st century choreography. This creative extravaganza was placed in the artistic and edgy aesthetics of Shoreditch in the Village underground, accompanied by joints of meat hanging Damien Hirst fashion from the ceiling.

Alto Grye not only provided a multitude of ranging performances, but casted and directed the additional performers for the ultimate collaboration of dance, music, fashion, technology and art. For instance, along side company Avant Garde was visual artist Leanza-May otherwise known as “The Line Girl”, Neon Dance, BBC Young Dancer finalist hip hop dancer Kieran Lai, trapeze act Natalie James, designer Bettina John, performance artists .2Dot and headline DJ TrampHäus Collective.

With a layout lending itself much like a treasure hunt, we allowed every audience member to experience a unique journey, an opportunity to tailor and make their own personal performance for the evening. An experience where no experience is the same.

Leading their own way through a unique show, every dark corner, stage, concrete floor, stairs and high brick archway were used as a space for intricate and immersive moments; artists lurking between the crowd and mass choreographic impulsive bursts.

SERVICES RENDERED: Video Production/Editing, Choreography, Artistic Direction, Curation