Artist. Performer. Paudeville Pynamo.

Hi! I'm Symoné! A hula hoop artiste, dancer and rollerskater. I love mixing skills together, like spinning multiple hoops on my body while rollerskating.

I'm self-taught and I started experimenting with circus skills while involved in the underground party scene. I soon delved into it professionally and have been performing as a solo artist since 2016. My route into performing is nontraditional, but I worked really hard and take a lot of inspiration from my roots create unique shows and acts.

Fun Fact: I studied Anthropology, but then circus took over my life and I decided to become a full time performer instead!
I can spin 50 hula hoops on my body at once (what's not so fun is carrying them around). 

I love making alone in the studio and a lot of my inspiration comes from music and voguing culture. Apart from fusing skills, euphoria, creating body architecture,and connecting with audiences is a huge part of my performances. 

My work exists in both corporate, commercial and underground spaces all around the world. I've worked with world renown clients such as, Kate Nash, Taylor Mac, Sun Ra's Arkestra, La Soirée, Harrods, Machel Montano, Jon Hopkins, and Paul Smith to name a few.
Another Fun Fact: I wear high heel rollerskates, there's only about 3 other people in the world that own these and I'm lucky to be one of them!

I'm currently developing a ratchet circus and live art production, called UTOPIAN (t&c's apply). I regularly update audiences on my Instagram what I'm up to, so have a look on upcoming show announcements. 


Circus Style Hula Hooping
Roller Skate (Artistic and High Heel Skates)
Hooping and Voguing Fusion
Multiple Hula Hoops on Rollerskates Fusion
Pole Dance
Voguing (Femme Style)
Hula Hoop and Skate Dance Choreographer
Hula Hoop Fitness and Hoop Dance Instructor 



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