Our high end classic showgirl acts provide the ultimate luxury service for you and your guests. Our stunning couture costumes are hand crafted by the finest independent designers, whilst our beautifully arranged choreography and meet and greet services ooze elegance and social charm. Creating an all round visually stunning experience.

FRANK SINATRA - Vintage Showgirl

Taking you back to the golden era of old Hollywood and downtown Las Vegas. Where the leading ladies ruled the movie screens and Fred Astaire was creating rhythm on the side walks. Daily life for these stars consisted of toe tapping jazz, liquor and cigarettes… “well that’s show business darling!”

This Hollywood inspired showgirl number oozes class and sophistication to the liquid gold sound of the legendary Frank Sinatra. With stunning couture corsets, swarovski headresses and luxurious vintage bustles, let this act whisk you away on a visual whirl wind just like a scene from the movies.

BIJOUX - Haute Couture Showgirl

Swarovski encrusted head dresses, vintage lace, ostrich feathers and never ending legs, our visually stunning opening act is the ultimate showgirl treat. This number defines sass and sophistication, undoubtedly making the audience fall in love at first sight. Cabaret and Couture at its finest.

THE SWINGING MODELS - Charleston, Gatsby

‘She’s an unusual woman, beautiful, Glamorous, a model... a Swinging model’.

This high fashion character based Charleston number brings you the glamour and sophistication of an old Hollywood star and the expensive taste of a classic couture designer. Think Grace Kelly meets Coco Chanel. Draped in the finest pearls whilst dancing like they once did, this is the ultimate vintage gem fit for any event.



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