Jewellery by Marce

As an agency of creative visions, technological skills and continually collaborating with fashion, Alto Grye can again be recognised as an multi talented source that fulfils and utilises multiple capacities.
When, versatile designer, Marce came to us, we had to take the opportunity; do what we do best and use our aesthetically led stylised eye to create a carefully constructed marketing brand.
After a close evaluation of the products current brand for their ‘hand made jewellery for the modern man’, we ensured a complete revamp over all social media platforms and structure.
The process included detailed consideration and consistent conversation with the client. The designer felt that the their pitch was a luxury product, however the marketing didn’t often match the essence and as a result we were able to create media with dark, stylish and current shots, coherent colour pallets and innovative media layout structures. Incorporating references from our client, our aim was to create a mystique about the product, something that had enough personality to evoke a fashionable response, yet an abstract quality to entice consumers and lend itself to an inquisitive nature.


SERVICES RENDERED: Video Production/Editing, Branding, Photography, Music Production, Brand Consultation