Directed by Alto Grye’s Tony Adigun, Identity is a celebration of East London’s diverse creativity; combining fashion, music, movement and interesting stage design to approach the themes of cultural, sexual/gender and ethnic identities. The show consisted of four company’s: krump crew Rugged Estate, vogue from House of Absolute, contemporary/hip hop from Avant Garde and breaking/whacking from Houston dance collective.

The event occurred in Shoreditch assembly town hall: a stylish, yet majestically Victorian venue. Much like the venue, the epitome of the event was to encapsulate the juxtaposition of creativity and conformity, the grit and glamour. This included an intricate protractive stage design, with two catwalks, a central stage and an enclosed audience pit in the middle, perfectly levelled for standing viewers, interaction and creative exploration.

Alto Grye worked with the immensely talented fashion stylist Sabrina Henry and textile designer Lee Yarishevski to create cross cultural, impactful and artistic costumes that enhance the extensive eclecticism of the show.


SERVICES RENDERED: Curation, Artistic Direction, Choreography, Video Production/Editing, Photography