Got To Dance


Got to Dance, originally titled Just Dance, is a British dance competition
that was broadcast on Sky 1 in the United Kingdom from 20 December 2009 to 28 December 2014.

We were responsible for auditioning/casting of a nationwide tour to seek the best raw talent in the UK.
Extensive research and consultation took place prior to entering into any studio.
We were able to bring our specialist knowledge of many styles of dance into play at all points during a two year period, as well as creating concepts and idents with professional dancers from the UK.

We were also responsible for advising and liaising with all acts
giving professional choreographers the chance to mentor the contestants during their journey.
Music, lighting, video, costume, concepts, and more were entrusted with our team to bring a certain edge to the way the show would appeal to a mass audience.

SERVICES RENDERED: Choreography Consultation, Choreographic Team, Artistic Direction