International and worldly renown brand GAP asked Alto Grye to direct and choreograph a creative show that can bring their clothes to life. Bringing animation to the fashion, the garments into an original space and showcasing the wardrobe in an inventive, live and energetic manner.
The process began with an internal conference for U.K. gap with ceo of Hal, who flew over from America to discuss our aesthetic and themes of the show.
With all 20 dancers dressed head to toe in GAP attire, this piece incorporated three dance sections to beautifully illustrate the history of GAP through use of narrative and interesting complimentary shapes; an exhibition of the journey in both a creative and visual way. GAP was the ultimate client for Alto Grye, as we continually express our stylised and artistic eye for fashion through mediums of performance.

SERVICES RENDERED: Video Production/Editing, Choreography, Artistic Direction, Curation

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