Me, Jody Geijsendorpher, was born and raised in 1996, in the South of Holland, a very small town called Venlo. I have always been a creative person who loves to write, draw and perform in every way possible and always had a big passion for fashion so I designed and then cut my own clothes.


Emma’s passion for dance and performing began at the young age of 7 in Southampton where she’d insist on performing a concert for her dance class despite the teacher wanting to continue with the exercises


I was born in Switzerland and I found my passion to dance at the age of 4. With the age of 6 I started to take Hip Hop classes.I lived in a child home in Switzerland and with the age of 17 I started my BA for Contemporary & Urban dance, and by 20 I graduated and moved to London to start my career.

Tony Adigun

Tony Adigun is a man of many hats: Creative director, curator, choreographer, dancer, educator and mentor, all worn with his signature style. A razor sharp eye for composition, musicality and form, Adigun is consistently able to bring the best out in people, working with them to ‘go against the grain’ and channel their unique identities. 


Hip Hop, Street, Commercial, Afro, Experimental/Contemporary Fusion, Tricks


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