Avant Garde Dance


We have a long and successful collaborative and creative relationship with Avant Garde Dance Company. Situated in South East London, Avant Garde continually push the boundaries of contemporary dance and hip hop in new, innovative ways. At Avant Garde Dance, style and branding is as important as the dance itself so it has been imperative from the start for Alto to find consistency and a cohesion between all formats and media, but also being able to carve out new individual identities for shows and events that all sit underneath the AG umbrella. We at Alto Grye pride ourselves in having a multitude of complimentary business and creative skills, and as a result of this we have continually delivered successful content creation, video visuals, digital media, new talent and social media management for this client, as well as many other additional supporting features.

Please see the link to Avant Garde’s website below: https://www.avantgardedance.com

SERVICES RENDERED: Video Production/Editing, Choreography, Artistic Direction, Curation